4 Ways Your Marketing Can Benefit From Videos

Marketing has come a long way, with the advent of the internet and digital marketing. Now, with the use of videos, marketing has been able to expand further into other business areas by reaching customers through email, YouTube, webinars, website content. In a world where the average consumer’s attention span is getting shorter and shorter, video is what it takes to hold that ever-diminishing supply of attention.

Today, we will take a look at how you can make video your marketing’s secret weapon.

It Can Enhance Search Engine Optimization

According to digital marketing industry giant Hubspot, 93% of businesses reported more leads coming in after posting a video on social media. Video content can be shared and viewed multiple times, and combined with the reach of social media, ; it can drive your business forward.

The use of video can also enhance Search Engine Optimization due to its usability among various devices.

In order to keep marketing efforts effective, it’s best to follow best practices:

  • Implement video titles and thumbnails that are creative and attention-grabbing. Your video will be part of a feed or gallery, so you need to make sure it stands out in the crowd.
  • Keep videos optimized and updated with relevant tags, subtext, titles, and descriptions.
  • Make sure to have sound content transcribed. When it is transcribed, the Google search engine will be able to sort through the content more accurately. This will allow your site to reach more viewers when items are searched for.
  • Make sure videos are kept short. Videos that are engaged the most are those that are under two minutes in length. This short amount of time requires the video to get its point across rather quickly.
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It Can Get Visitors to Stay Longer

With on-site video, the visitor is able to spend more time on the site as they watch. This means when you have the video on your web page, you will be able to expand the length of time that is spent on your web page, which helps you to rank better and give you more chances to convert your visitor into a customer.

The main reason is due to people would rather watch a video than having to concentrate on reading content. People are also able to hold onto knowledge easier once a video explains the content.

Visitors Pay More Attention

Maintaining a viewer’s attention is better kept through video. In Hubspot’s study of content trends in 2018, they found that preference for video content ranked highest among all consumer age groups under 55. For those 55 years old and above, only email marketing was higher.  ;   Which format to have it in– live-action or animation– present their own pros and cons, but at the end of the day, you need to choose what best fits your brand image and personality. A lot of times a video animation company can give you a pitch as to how they envision your video’s execution– working with your production company will help you execute an effective video marketing campaign.

Site Visitors are Easily Converted into Customers

When a viewer becomes engaged in the video, the message will be easily retained, shared, and spread. Particularly compelling content, often playing to emotion, can be shared not because of branding, but because it creates an experience a viewer will naturally want to share. For example, Old Spice’s “The Man your Man Could Smell Like” video in 2010 garnered millions of views on YouTube, and was instrumental in reviving a brand that had been struggling to connect with a younger market.  A brand is also considered more trustworthy after a video of their product is viewed. This trust is what eventually turns the visitor into a paying customer.

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