How to Market Your Auto Body Service

Before you seek any auto body services for your car, you must consider if you can do the repairs without the intervention of a professional. Instead of spending money to get auto body services, you can repair that dent or scratch on your car by following some simple guidelines. What are these steps? If you use these steps well, you will not have any issues with sand scratches or paint chipping off.

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The first step is to blow the area clean and wipe it down using wax and grease remover. The next step is to grind the area clean using a 36-grit or 40-grit resin disc. You can pick up the filler and let it do the magic. Before the surface hardens like a brick, you can use a cheese grater to cut down on work and dust. You can then use a 36 grit or 40 grit on a block to smoothen the surface and switch to some 80 grit. You will see some scratches that can show up during a paint shop. It would help if you got rid of such scratches for a smooth painting exercise. That is why you must switch to some 120 grit to do away with the scratches. After using the 120 grit, you can continue to sand the surface using the 220 grit. It will do a better job.


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