How Well-Designed Signs Are Installed on Roofs

When a sign must be mounted onto a slanting roof, it must be secured by a safe mounting frame. In their YouTube video, “Roof Mount Angle Bracket for Signs,” Sign Monkey shows an example of a suitable mounting device to be used on a slanted roof. Without a securely fastened mount, the weight of a sign would cause it to fall forward. If the angle of the mount is incorrect, the sign might fall inward.

About the Bracket to Help You Mount the Sign

The mount in the video is shaped like a triangle and made of stainless steel or aluminum. The amount used in the video can be purchased pre-made.

Video Source

You, therefore, don’t need to assemble it. You can attach the sign to the mount with screws and then extend the angle of the bracket until the correct angle is reached. Once you have the right angle, you must secure the sign with screws.

Finishing Touches for the Mounting Bracket

When hanging a sign, it’s essential to allow enough room underneath the mount for snow. If you aren’t familiar with determining the correct angle to secure the sign mount, contact a roof contractor. After the sign is affixed, you should coat the mount – especially where the screws are placed – with a sealer.


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