Novel Ways to Capture Moments and Preserve Memories

Life’s precious moments are captured by your brain and kept as memories. But technology has many ways to preserve them physically. You can take a photograph or a video recording of your baby’s first steps. You can also have an artist draw your portrait. The talent and effort needed to complete it make it special. Life’s milestones are some of the most memorable events one can have.

Graduating from school gives off a sense of accomplishment that you want etched in your memory. Pictures from the ceremony will be proudly placed beside your diploma. A formal ceremony such as a wedding is a huge undertaking, and it is just right to have it documented in the best way possible. If you are in the middle of planning one, you’d better search for the best wedding photography and video packages online. You’d want to make sure that the people you hire have the best equipment and the professional eye to create visually striking photos and videos.

Photographs have been presented in various forms. They can be compiled and made into picture albums, books, or collages. But at the end of the day, it is still based on photography. Videos create uniqueness in its own universe. People may find new and creative ways to shoot them, but ultimately, the only way to consume the content is by watching it.

These are some of the common ways people use to preserve their memories. They are great because they are readily available, and the hardware required to make them is of the wide variety. There is equipment that can be used by absolute novices all the way up to seasoned veterans. But what if you still are looking for a unique way to capture a moment in time?


castingPhotographs are mainly two-dimensional slices of life’s moments. Their size makes them easy to store even in high quantities. But what if you want to capture something that you want to recognize or feel just by touching? The answer is casting.

You can create a three-dimensional impression of your face or another body part. The former is more difficult since your face will have to be covered in a thick substance to create a mold, which in this case is the “negative” of the sculpture. Once this is made, the casting mix will then be poured into it. Let it dry after a few hours, and you can take out the cast.

After trimming off and smoothing out the edges, you will be left with the final product, basically a very accurate sculpture of a part of you. You can also get creative with this. Instead of your own body part, you can create a cast of you and your loved one, holding each other.


If you want to capture something that you can view in three dimensions but is stored in a flat object, look no further than holography. The process is quite complex and demanding. Capturing an image involves carefully placed mirrors and lasers. The basic principle is capturing an intersection of two reflections.

What is actually being captured here is light waves, which are stored in the plate infused with chemicals. The plate needs to be exposed for a few minutes to get the best results. So if you want to be shot this way, you need to stay very still. The result will be worth it, as this process is a scientific wonder.

3-D Scanning and Modeling

Recently, the Internet has witnessed a heartbreaking real-life scene, where a mother meets her deceased daughter through virtual reality (VR). The young girl was rendered with great accuracy, making for a very emotional encounter between mother and child. The 3-D artists were able to recreate the girl using her older pictures as reference. If that can deliver great results, you can expect something better and more efficient when you use scanning technology.

If you want to immortalize yourself by being a digital model, all you need to do is to get yourself scanned to capture your shape and leave the rest to the graphical wizards. They will add in the details and textures as if they are painting a primed sculpture. Once done, you will then have a 3-D model of you that you can animate or pose any way you can.

The greatest memories will stay in your mind forever. There is nothing wrong with trying out other novel ways to save a beautiful moment. There is a special feeling you can have with something you can see and hold.

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