Spoken Word Poetry: Framing Modern Campaigns

From underground clubs that showcase talent in rhythm and rhyme, spoken word poetry has entered the mainstream. There is a reason why Amanda Gorman’s inaugural poem went viral. Aside from her youth, she showcased her ideas to a beat that people hung on to, culminating in a voice of unity.

Resonating messages in spoken word poetry are defined by the current generation’s reveries, emotions, and passion. They are elevated by a notion of community and familiarity that encourages advertising to the soul. Considering how many social media users look for purpose in what they see online, with the intent of finding their own, it is understandable why poetry that illustrates the life and the world today is relevant. It can be used to frame modern campaigns to attract a significant audience.

Rhythm and Familiarity

The beats and the rhythm in a poem catch the attention of its readers and listeners. Through repetition and other literary devices, poets can create music in their work. This is a reason why spoken word poetry works so well in campaigns. It is now an effective marketing tool used to attract the current generation and possibly play the heartstrings of those who came before. Music can be easily matched to the rhythm of a poem.

When someone thinks of a brand, they will most likely associate it with the advertisement they have heard or seen. The audio of a campaign is just as important. It is what sticks to audiences and has the potential to develop into an earworm, amplifying the brand recognition in potential customers. Spoken word poetry has the capacity of an audio-visual interpretation, making it perfect for framing social media videos.

For any video to be memorable, the music created both for the eyes and ears is crucial. An example of this is a professional wedding video company ensuring that the couple can enjoy the memories they make. The team will see to it that their work flows melodiously to make the moments more cherished. Therefore, choosing the right song to accompany a moment in the recording will transform an already special day into one that matches the tone felt by the groom and bride.

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Advertising to the Soul

Social entrepreneurship is one of the key aspects of marketing today. People are attracted to work with heart — something they can share with others and potentially virtue signal that they are good people. As spoken word poetry is drawn from personal experience, it is easy to find a passionate soul behind every work.

When a poet writes, they can draw inspiration from anything around them or something they are experiencing. Since human emotions are universal, spoken word poetry is relatable. People will find a part of the poem that they relate to. It could also be a stanza that they concur with, reiterating their beliefs in a way that can be better communicated. In this way, social media campaigns are geared toward advertising to the soul of users.

Framing a video on social media around spoken word poetry also encourages a culture of art. It indicates an appreciation for performance as well as literature. Although it may be used primarily to convert an audience to consumers, the means by which the customer acquisition takes place is art in itself. For this to work, companies need to look into talented individuals who can meet the demand for videos that tinker with hearts.

Purposeful Media

Along the lines of social entrepreneurship is the involvement of potential customers in a phenomenon that can make them feel like they have a purpose. As mentioned earlier, they want to be able to show their peers that they are active participants in community-building (even if it is through “slactivism,” a term that describes passive activism on social media). People want to look good online.

When a campaign is framed by spoken word, it usually has a meaningful message that resonates with others, like something related to empowerment or inclusivity. These ideas carry the video. Without an idea that can stir up an urge to share the video, the advertisement will fail. Using poetry avoids this because it frames the brand around the idea of the poem itself.

Overall, using spoken word poetry as a marketing tool can pique the interests of an audience. It can also develop an impact and a positive brand image. It encourages purposeful consumerism, an emerging trend in campaigns today. Incorporating work that speaks to hearts could be the key to a successful advertisement for any company.

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