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Filing for divorce is stressful, but understanding the court filing process can make things easier. Remember, it is likely a very emotional situation for you. However, for the court, it’s a legal proceeding. This means you’ll need to follow the proper steps when starting the divorce process.

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As mentioned in the video, the process begins by creating a package. The package will include the complaint for divorce. This will include information about your household, whether or not you have children, and where you live.

The complaint also includes the grounds for divorce. This is essentially the reason why you want to get a divorce. There are many grounds for divorce in New Jersey. Irreconcilable differences, incarceration, habitual drunkenness, extreme cruelty, adultery, and many more.

The grounds that you choose are important, because they may affect your divorce settlement. You should be prepared to prove any grounds that you select. You are allowed to select more than one ground. If several apply, choose all of them.

You’ll also need to include other documents with the package. If you don’t have all the proper documents, the court will not recognize your request, and the proceedings will not begin. If your package is accepted by the court, you’ll get a docket number. This is essentially the ID number for the case. You’ll need this number when interacting with the court about your case.


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