Should You Get Trendy with Your Business Stationery?

Business stationery has a bad reputation. People often see it as bland and boring. All they expect the business stationery to have is the logo, brand name, business address, and telephone number. Customers don’t expect to be wowed by it. When a bank sends them a letter, people don’t realize that the company has painstakingly chosen the placement of the logo and company name. But that’s because customers are immune to the normal, everyday things they see. That’s what business stationery is—it’s normal, boring, regular, and old school.

But does that mean you have to follow the trend? Should you go for a hologram business card? Should you now contact your regular online printing services company and have them redesign your business card, letterhead, shopping bags, envelopes, and invoices? Even in today’s digital world, businesses must still use their official business stationery to communicate with customers and clients. It makes a business look, sound, and feel legitimate. Customers will trust you better if you invest in your business stationery. Even your own employees will take pride in giving away their business cards to prospective clients.

Business Stationery Trends in 2021

Business stationery should be clear and cohesive. It should paint a picture of legitimacy. Moreover, it should tie itself to the message of the company. The brand should be front and center. The business stationery has the unenviable task of emphasizing the company’s brand. That is also the reason why it’s hard to decide whether to upgrade your business stationery or not.

There are new trends in arts and media. Some startups are beginning to use gradients, bold colors, brand patterns, unconventional formats, minimalism, and geometric shapes in their business stationery. These design trends look bold and ambitious. They tell a story, and customers are inclined to fall for that story. These kinds of designs will usually generate interest in the target market, so much so that they will keep a random business card and reconsider calling it the next day.

But trendy designs don’t always work for every company. What are you selling? Who are you? Who are your customers? Knowing and being sure about your answer to these three questions will go a long way toward the right decision. While you cannot hand outdated business cards to your customers, that does not mean you have to go bold in the upgrade. It all depends on the kind of business that you run.

Retail stores and restaurants can have the most fun with their business stationery. But wholesale supermarkets, car mechanics, and laundromats don’t need to be too trendy with their business stationery. These are essential services and products. Customers expect them to be functional. Sometimes, your company’s old business logo is a source of comfort for your customers, especially at this time.

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Reinforcing Your Brand

Having personalized business stationery will strengthen your brand. It will represent your brand even if your customers aren’t standing inside your store, transacting with you in the office, or browsing your website. A random mug, pen, or business card on the kitchen countertop is the best advertisement for your business. Your customers will take notice of how professional your letters and emails look.

But it’s not just about the design of your business stationery. It’s about the quality of paper that you use. It will also communicate a lot about your business. Who are you? What do you offer? How invested are you in the company? These are important messages that your customers will take notice of.

It is also these factors that will impact your decision whether to go for trendy business stationery designs or not. As much as businesses need to remain on top of their game and resist outdatedness, it is also not right to follow trends for the sake of competitiveness. Whatever designs you choose your business stationery to have, they should be representative of your brand and the message you want to impart to your target market.

The designs you choose for your business stationery should be unique to your company. They should help emphasize your corporate image without looking as if it’s trying too hard. This is why it is also essential to choose professional designers and printers who will take care of your business stationery needs.

Most often, businesses give their office stationery zero thought. They focus on critical things, such as marketing, advertising, and customer experience. While those are truly essential to the success of a business, it is the little things like the office stationery that sometimes make a huge difference.

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