Connected Art: How Artists Can Resume Operations in the Digital Space

The world as we know it has become more digital than ever. Because of the pandemic, many of us had to adapt abruptly, as it disregarded whether we were ready or not to make such a change. Businesses, professionals, and almost everyone had to get online to avoid getting left behind.

The pandemic brought about a lot of unfortunate effects on the world and people. For individuals in the art industry, those effects came galleries shutting down and art events falling through. The virus robbed them of a platform and opportunities to showcase our work, subsequently preventing them from making a living out of what they love to do. While there’s no debating how much those negatively impacted our lives, we can find some consolation with the rays of hope slipping through the cracks of the box that Covid-19 has trapped us in.

Fortunately, digital marketing is a powerful tool that gives us the power to make our works of art visible to more people than we could ever imagine in an art event or gallery. It can be useful amid the pandemic, where social distancing affects the artists’ works. We understand that not everyone knows how to get started with digital marketing for their art, so we’re here to help you get started. And here’s how.

Your Online Portfolio

Before you begin with any digital marketing efforts for your art, you must first gather your best work and compose an impressive and impactful portfolio. Since everything about you and your work will be digital, there isn’t much opportunity to talk about yourself and your services to potential customers. More often than not, they’ll judge you based on your work and your work alone. Showcasing your best work in an impressive portfolio will already do wonders for your products and services. Whether you’re all about painting, digital art, or photography, it’s sure to give you a boost.

Get Social on Your Socials

Art, by and large, is a very visual industry. It makes perfect sense to use social media to showcase your work. There are built-in algorithms in social media that push specific content to the top that gives a post more views. The main contributing factor to having your posts become more visible is by posting consistently. But it also has to be relevant and impactful content that can grab anyone’s attention. It’s an easy and free way to get more people to know about you, as long as you meet the criteria.

However, there is another way for your posts to gain more engagement and views. Most social media platforms, if not all, offer paid services like post boosting, where you pay a certain amount for your posts to reach more people in a specific demographic. For example, you are managing a boudoir photography business. An effective digital marketing strategy for boudoir photography and boosted posts allow you to showcase your content to users who don’t even follow you, increasing the rate of new people finding out about your art.

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Website, Blog, and SEO

When you’re ready and able, consider getting yourself a professional website. It makes you feel more legitimate and can help you convince more customers to avail your products and services. A website is also an extremely versatile tool for artists, both old and new. It can serve as a central source of information and resources about you and your work. In addition to that, you can also turn it into a database for all your products, services, and rates.

A website can also feature a blog where you can share your thoughts and ideas that can help inform your customers better. Make sure that all the content you put on your website is relevant and coherent to each other. When you have too much differing content unrelated to each other, your website may lose authority in your respective industry. It can significantly impact how high up the search engine lists you can go. So make sure that everything you write or post on your website is relevant to what type of art you are showcasing.

It’s a known fact that most people only stay on the first page of their search results on search engines and that they almost exclusively only click on the first three to five links. For your website to rank higher up that list, you would want to use the digital marketing tool called search engine optimization (SEO). It helps you identify specific keywords or phrases that many people use when searching for content similar to yours. When you know those keywords and phrases, you can use them and interlace them into the contents of your website or blog. In that way, when people use those keywords and phrases in their web searches, you have a higher chance of coming up first in the search results. Unfortunately, many artists do not have the skills to pursue those things. If they need assistance, hiring digital marketing services might be the best option.

Final Thoughts

Whatever type of art you’re involved in, your work will benefit from digital marketing. There is so much untapped potential in the digital world, and digital marketing is one of the catalysts to help us reach them. Take advantage of these digital marketing tools and watch your art take flight in no time.

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